I love it when a client trusts my skill and creativity enough to commission a multi-session program over a several months.

Together we agreed on the basic premise; that he was a clone sex slave that was invited into an elite training program to be auctioned off to a new owner upon completion of all relevant modules. I suggested the focus of each of the 7 modules; service, pleasure, pain and punishment, role play, fucking, medical examination, culminating in the auction. They requested the participation of other professionals and to be forced to last minute attendance and bi-play. The fee covered all materials and other colleagues to cameo at my discretion. Other than this brief, the content was mine to connive and to contain as a surprise. What wicked deviousness!

Brook, the slave, was introduced to the Service module as a relative ease-in to the process. This slave has a penchant for sissification so it was satisfying to force the frilled-up-one to service the toilet bowl repeatedly until it was sparkling. They passed the first test.

Pleasure was a 2 phase process. Mistress Esther explored the concept of ‘who is this for’ as often people think they are ‘giving’ pleasure when in fact they are shrouding their own desire, or ‘taking’ pleasure in the guise of giving. Putting this into practice, learning to please a woman was the second instalment in Brook’s Pleasure module. They needed some guidance and definition but found their focus in the end.

Pain and Punishment was my favourite session to plan. After failing at a simple service task Brook was dressed and blindfold discretely in disguise to uber over to Lila Payne’s dungeon for more rigorous discipline. There they were subject to caning, verbal assault, head restraint and flogging and golden showers. They received their lesson admirably and returned trembling to the street.

The sissy slave needs the flexibility to adapt to the proclivities of their owner, therefore the Role Play module trained her in 3 different roles: elegant companion, school girl and sissy slut. Whilst I thought she presented best as an elegant lady, she preferred the school girl persona. Nonetheless, from classy to crass, Brook now had a range of characters to draw on.

Fucking is a privilege that may or may not be bestowed upon a slave. Understanding the fundamentals through observation was inspiring so that when Master Hamilton demonstrated the skills required of a cock owning slave, the clone was keen to impress. So keen, he became a little overwhelmed and had to sit down to watch the sex doll demonstration. Some improvement may be expected in this module.

Brook completed their training and passed the medical examination. They were very anxious the day of the auction as they had never met (or so they thought!) either of the bidders. A male and a female prospective owner. To the slave’s relief, the winning bid was Mistress Salacia.

I do hope that the Eroticlone training program has adequately prepared Brook for their new role and that Mistress Salacia is more than satisfied with their new slave. Software updates and troubleshooting by Mistress Sway will be available as required.