So, you’d like to invite a stranger to fulfil your deepest fantasy?  I totally love doing that!  But I’m not a mind reader and time is my only resource.  So here are a few standard protocols that will help you get what you want whilst cultivating a respectful professional relationship.  
There are two phases in answering this question; the first is the pre-session negotiation and the second is tips on how to be in the session itself.  So let’s start at the beginning.
  1.  Be attentive to booking protocols.   

Following protocols helps to establish mutual respect.  If I know you can listen to my requests, I can trust that you value my needs and that you will do that in our time together.  It also saves time – yours and mine.   


  1.  Be articulate & expressive about what you want

You will have read my website or seen my ads, so you know much more about me than I know about you.  So tell me as much as you can so that I can have a much better sense of who you are and from there, I can create an experience for you that really pushes your buttons.
  1.  Be concise

This may contradict point 1. but communication requires clarity.  Avoid too much back and forward with communications.  If you state clearly what you want, when you want it, it sends a strong message that you are committed to the experience.  Which means I will be too.
If you have questions, name them early on.  I hope to avoid confusion so that we can get to the core of what you’re hoping for.  Of course, if you then find I’m not the person for you, we can both move on without having invested too much. 
  1.  Pay a deposit

This is a small investment in a bigger payoff. Deposits are in place because all too often, sadly, I have taken bookings that don’t show.  Paying a deposit demonstrates that you are committed to spending time with me.  Don’t worry – you can do so in ways that are convenient and anonymous.
  1.  Arrive on time

Don’t arrive late, it needn’t be said.  But please don’t arrive early either!  I will be anticipating your arrival time and will have everything in order at just the right moment.  If you’re running late, do text.  And always allow enough time for traffic, parking etc.  Late arrivals can have knock on effects for ensuing commitments.
  1.  Be well presented

I don’t necessarily mean dress up for me (although that is appreciated) but I do mean be attentive to personal hygiene.  Showering at my place is usually part of the experience.  But please, brush your teeth, use mouthwash, and really scrub your intimate places.  If getting close to you is a pleasure for me, it will be for you too.
  1.  Be attentive to safer sex protocols

Condoms are necessary.  They keep us both safe.  There are also techniques to using a condom properly – I’m happy to lead the way with this and you can watch and learn as it’s a handy skill to have.  Mouthwash is also useful for more than just fresh breath!  The other thing I’m really into is minimising fluid exchange.  That means watching where hands go and what delicious fluids they might be carrying before touching other things (soft furnishing included!).  And don’t stress – it’s easy for me to make safer sex sexy.
  1.  Allow self-expression

Talk to me.  Ask for what you want.  Ask me about what I like.  Make noise.  Breathe.  Move and really enjoy being in your body.  There is no right or wrong way to experience eroticism (unless of course it’s a high protocol Mistress session) so let your desire drive you.  I want to see you really getting into whatever it is that we’re doing.  Your body will like it more too.
Each person is unique and for me, each experience is unique.  However, all these protocols for booking a professional escort or Mistress can be applied to every encounter.  May they help open up a world of pleasure and discovery for you.