Entering into the anus, one finds a most magical place.  
For some, it is a place to confront taboos, stretch and satisfy otherwise unquenchable desires, to surrender, and of course, to feel deep pleasure.  This can be done through massage, digital penetration, toys, strap ons, vibrators and fisting.  For some it’s about the prostate, others the opening and filling.  The variety of play available to the anus is inspiring.  
Anal play is an ancient practice that is coming back into common taste as taboos soften and the stories of inimitable sensations spread. It can be done well, inciting extraordinary altered states, and it can also be done very, very badly, with painful and damaging consequences.  I would like to describe some of the things I have discovered in my anal explorations, most particularly in relation to fisting.
Fisting, whilst an unholy name for such a potentially spiritual act, is the act that has facilitated some of the most extraordinary sexual states I have ever experienced; deep communion, cosmic travel, timelessness, transcendence.  Deep fisting can also be referred to as hand balling.  
The play I refer to is not for beginners.  It takes time to attune with one’s own body and that of your playmate.  It takes skill in terms of communication, reading body signals and knowing when and how to move.  It is also incredibly intimate and vulnerable, so best done within a container of absolute trust.  
That said, 
  • Did you know it is possible to take a whole arm inside you?
  • Did you know it is possible to gently tease one’s way through the colon, past the ileocecal valve and into the small intestine?
  • Did you know that by doing so, both top and bottom become so entranced by the connection and physical feat that one may feel a dissolving of the ego and body boundary and a becoming one with everything? 
I am often blown away by what the body is capable of and the multitude of ways one can derive pleasure.  
However, deep anal takes time.  Several hours in any given session, practiced over many months. It is also important to note that some people have a certain attunement that helps them relax their bodies enough to open up to deep penetration.  So it is not for everyone.  
Whilst I could try to give a ‘how to’ overview, it would take many chapters.  (Something I will do in due course.)  Instead, I will try to describe some of my experiences as both top and bottom, with one very special human that first introduced me to this play.  
As the top, I love the process of unravelling my bottom into total surrender.  I love seducing them into soft openness.  I love that my touch can transport them into altered states, cosmic union and prolonged full body orgasms.  I love that gender becomes irrelevant and we are just two bodies entwined in each other while the rest of the world ceases to exist.
When I am inside my partner, my whole body feels theirs through the fully immersed limb, the pressure on my flesh and the nuances of tiny internal body movements.  It feels like a dance; as I move, they respond.  But it is their inner body, out of their conscious control.  I hear and respond, probing further with fingertips every so gently and pulling back according to the most subtle signals.  This becomes fully intuitive until there is no sense of my body boundary as it merges with theirs.  At first a phase where we are a unified being floating in some other place and then any sense of bodies being is replaced by a timeless, edgeless suspension of infinite lightness.
At certain points in my journey through to the ileocecal valve, their body gets triggered into uncontrollable orgasmic spasms.  They continue for a long time after I have withdrawn my hand.  Holding and caressing each other sustains the magic.  
I have a lot more experience as the top in these encounters.  As I developed curiosity to feel what I was facilitating, I began to open up my own anus to deeper exploration.   I’m really only a novice to receiving deep penetration but this is my experience, to date.  
For me, the massage and warm up is essential to relax and allow myself to drop fully into the moment.  (I’ve also ensured I’m well cleaned out with a professional colonic irrigation or a prolonged enema, so any potential ‘poo shame’ is not an issue.)  I love the feeling of confident fingers touching me in this site of such taboo.  My stresses dissolve and a warmth flushes up my body as my nervous system lets go into trust.  
I really enjoy the challenge of willing my body to soften and relax.  It sounds like an oxymoron but anal opening really is all in the mind.  Of course, once the hand is in the rectum, the intensity softens, until the probing fingers find places that have never before been touched by human hands.  At first, I registered these as a hot electric wall.  As slow stimulation and progress has continued, these sensations have shifted into something like a tugging yearning.  “I want to feel you deeper,” the cells of my colon say.  I see in my minds eye, a deep purple flower that keeps unfolding and a white, exploding background that extends infinitely.  The skin of my outer body is all a-tingle and my breath grounds me to the sensations in my pelvis.  Once I reach maximum depth, which for me is currently a few inches short of the elbow, I begin to feel the electric fence and a yearning towards the exit of my body.  As the hand is pulled out, my body convulses in deep full body orgasms that are so different to vaginal or clitoral orgasms.  
The anus, rectum and colon seem to me, to be a unique erotic organ that is a portal to another universe.  It is deeply spiritual.  Given that the anus is the first place in the human body to be developed when in utero, there is perhaps some significance to the experiences it inspires.  
Curious to explore?  Please, go slowly and only with an experienced professional or highly skilled lover.  You’re playing hands on and hands in the nervous system.  A most vulnerable yet exhilarating place to be.  For this reason, to me, it’s the ultimate play.