Training a new slave is a most delicate process. It demands of both parties intuition, discipline, willing and most importantly, trust. Guiding the most deserving slave to reap the rewards of his dedication was a recent life highlight for us both. They are now capable of using breath play, whilst in deep restraint/mummification, to transcend so called ‘normal’ states of consciousness and experience hour long full body orgasmic states. How did we get there?

I believe the following attributes were fundamental:


This particular dear slave came to me 12 months ago with little experience but significant curiosity and willing. My authoritative yet sensitive style spoke to the slave’s need for trust and sense of safety. They wanted me to lead them in exploring the world of BDSM, knowing only that he had a penchant for heavy restraint, latex and sensuality.

As a child, the slave recalls watching a cartoon where the character was restrained to a chair and force fed cream pies. It was very arousing, they told me, after our first session. That memory saturated the slaves eroticism until the moment it was realised, in about our 3rd session. After wrapping them in pallet wrap, delivering them from the factory to his Mistress in a large cardboard box and training the new toy to breathe, he was ready to absorb their long held fantasy in the flesh. I tied him to a chair and force fed them cream pies. The slave was released into the satisfaction of subspace as only the initiated understand. Now they understood what BDSM was all about. And now I was able to really craft journeys to probe into their unique psychology. We had established mutual respect.

Knowing this deep affection for heavy restraint was the key, other play overlays kept us both curious. Predicament bondage, full transformational cross dressing, interrogation… all bound tightly by D/s protocols. We wove an erotic charge built of broken taboos, extreme and exquisite sensations.

We saw each other regularly; every 2 – 3 weeks for 4-6 hour long sessions. Space and time was a luxury that afforded us a sense of the infinite. And each time we closed our sessions, we both felt transformed by the potency of our play. But never so much as the last session we did together…

The slave gave me the key to their decadent hotel suite. I let myself in, hiding my entrapments. I, too, was hidden, awaiting to take them down for their obsessive stalking of me. Threatening to reveal their secrets if they didn’t succumb to my whims. Of course, all this was an elaborate design to drop them into submission so that they would be ready to be stripped of humanness as I wrapped them inside their own subconscious. However on this occasion, they dropped deeper even than their subconscious.

They were suspended in full body orgasms for an hour, with only breath and a dash of lube on their genitals for company inside the chrysalis. I like to allow the slave time and space in sensory deprivation. Thus I held space without offering any stimulus for a time. Until the slave clearly met a wall in their journey and requested my touch. Little more than my hand on their chest and my breath fuelling their descent into the hitherto unknown and intangible. They were scared but kept braving into the exploration. Until at some point, they sensed it was time to come back.

This day, post-session, we debriefed for over an hour. The slave was clearly changed, irrevocably, by what they’d experienced. They said it was like the spacecraft in Star Trek; coloured levels and more difficult processes to work through to gain access to the deeper states. They likened it to a time when they had a near-death experience on the operating table. That was when they felt the fear. But as they are a willing and curious slave, they confronted this fear, comforted by my touch, and opened themselves to the inexplicable of transcendental states. They maintain that all of this was only possible because of my deep intuition and the trust we had developed over time.

The mind and body hold incredible capacity for combining in extraordinary things. In a D/s relationship we never know what we might discover. However with mutual trust, curiosity and consciousness, BDSM can change one’s view on life and self. This is what I adore about my work as a professional Mistress.